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So, it`s going to happen again...

ATTENTION! Registration on the XIX meeting ends on May 15!
In 2019 Poland is going to organise the  19th International Cagiva Elefant Meeting. It`s the second  Cagiva Elefant meeting in Poland. This year it`s going to be organized in   BĄKÓW CAMPING belonging to OSiR in KLUCZBORK:

 It is a half open event. All guests are welcome. However, the accomodation and food are available only for persons who register themselves before. For those who are registered we provide full board  (breakfast and late dinner), a camping site for tents and sanitary facilities (toilets and showers).
 As we are Cagiva Elefant lovers we will be especially happy about all big enduro bikes. We are planning motorbike trips which are going to include a lot of off road elements, so we are not able to provide a lot of fun for speed or chopper bikes.
 The 19 th  International  Cagiva Elefant Meetingis is organised with a close cooperation of Kluczbork
Here are the details and the registration form:

  Detailed information:,-ceny,-papu.html
    Registration form:

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