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Elefant Meeting Poland 2019.

Welcome to our registration site. Here you can find the registrarion form and the calculation of costs.
The price list includes sleeping in a tent or in a camping house (chalet), food (breakfast and late dinner) and drinks (coffe, tea, beer, soft drinks),  the meals will be served in times convinient for You.  All day available coffe and tea, beer, soft drinks (unlimited)   on the 22 nd  of June (Saturday) there will be a special evening with dinner for all participants of the meeting (the cost included in the reservation price)
Apart from a camping site and chalets there is a possibilty to sleep in which is situated 0,2 km from the camping place (we can help You with the booking)

The participation costs – the starting package from 20 th  up to 23 rd  June (food, beer, cold and hot drinks, accommodation in a tent or in an own camper, souvenirs) is
The price includes the special evening dinner on Saturday.

If You would like to sleep in a bed in a chalet – there is an extra payment: 16€
for 2 nights or 24€  for 3 nights. However, there are only 50 free beds to book in houses with 3 or 4 beds. You should be prepared for sharing a house with different participants in case you don`t book all the beds in it.

The cost of the souvenir T-shirt is 15€

We offer the special souvenir T-shirts for all participants of the meeting. Patterns and design soon available!

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